Sunday, August 3

July Photos

My favorite pics from last month…
Beam Me Up



Minnehaha Falls at Night


MN River


Bridge to Nowhere

Big Fat Muddy


Fisher GED Update

The Back Bay




Tuesday, July 1

June Photos

Some photos from June rides…

Saturday, May 31

May Photos

Some pics from this month…
Fargo MTB



Greens of Spring

1st Murphy Lap 2014


Road Fargo




Mississippi Beer Stop

Go ride a bike...

Tuesday, May 13

The Family Truckster

The custom cargo bike has finally realized its intended use...

I'm looking forward to many adventures with my new copilot this summer.

Tuesday, April 15

Cargo Bike Build Complete

I finally got the cargo bike build completed… up 'til now I had been borrowing parts from other bikes to make this thing rideable.  But now the wheels are built, the gearing has been changed, the kickstand is mounted, and it's ready to roll.

Not pictured above is the new gearing.  The front rings have been changed to 38/28, which gives me better road gearing and provides a bit more clearance between the chain and the chainstay yoke.  With the 22T ring up front the chain would hit the yoke on bumps.  I might play around with the rear gearing in the future; it is currently a 9 speed cassette reduced down to 7 cogs for tire/chain clearance.

The kickstand was the final framebuilding task, and it ended up being a pain in the butt.  The original plan of using a Civia double kickstand didn't work out because of poor ground clearance.  I thought about using a Yuba kickstand, but I think there would have been foot/kickstand clearance issues.  The only other double kickstand option that I found (that I thought would work) was the Pletscher.  So far, so good.  I wish it had a wider stance, but it seems stable enough as long as it's on firm ground.

I'm not sure if it is frame flex, the fat tires, pannier movement, or the long wheelbase (or all of the above), but it has a strange feel that I'm still getting accustomed to.  I will say, it has been a lot of fun riding this bike around… it's a really comfortable ride.  I even got out on some local rogue trails for my first dirt of 2014...

Go ride a bike.

Sunday, March 30

Fender Season

Spring is finally in the air, which means it's fender season in Mpls...

All my studded tires have been swapped out and stored for the season, and the trainer (which didn't really get that much use) has been pushed back into the corner of the basement.  I'm looking forward to green foliage and dry dirt.  Until then, I'll enjoy the warmer temperatures while out riding the pavement.